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16 November 2017
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AES Bord na Móna, in collaboration with the Irish company Lodestone Engineering, are pleased to introduce the Epac mini compactor.

Designed and made in Ireland, this compactor system is a new innovation in waste management. The Epac compactor is a patented system, it comprises of a tube and enclosed bag which is a complete breakaway from traditional methods of collection; creating a transformative impact in waste collection, particularly in urban and built-up areas. The Epac compactor has been designed with the end user and safety in mind. As an automated operation, there are no buttons to press or complicated sequence to follow. It’s as simple as opening the door and placing the waste inside, the compactor does the rest.

Inspired by the problem

Waste disposal and responsible handling of waste is one of the great problems of our time. No matter what your status in life, you will generate waste and will need to dispose of it. We believe people don’t have a natural aversion to waste and under the right conditions most will act responsibly, they can just be put in situations where it’s hard to do the right thing or they don’t have the option. Prior to creating and manufacturing Epac, Lodestone Engineering had clear vision and rationale on why they undertook this opportunity;

They think waste rooms are places people don’t like. When you think of a waste room, it typically conjures up images of a room crammed with over-flowing bins, waste strewn about the floor and smelling really terrible. For a lot of people, they don’t want to be there and can’t get out of the room quick enough. When you expand the problem further to encompass urban intensification, traffic restrictions, waste logistics and carbon responsibility you realise the problem is multifaceted.

So we decided to do something about it and find a practical solution. It had to be something different and it had to be something that made sense. The practicality of packing into a bag made sense. You carry waste in a bag, so why not compact it into a bag?

The challenge came in creating something that solved many of the typical problems within the industry – size, performance, capacity, bad odours, reliability, user-friendly, transport, handling and carbon footprint, while having a unique design.

“I’m very proud of what we’ve achieved, I believe it’s a common-sense solution and I hope it inspires others to make full use of the benefits.” , Bill Cregan, Lodestone Engineering.

For more information on the Epac compactor, click here.