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Standard Service

  • For households who find their bins are full at every collection day
  • Pay a set monthly price for all bins – General Waste, Recycling, Organic* and Glass*.
  • 12 month service contract; includes a weight limit per annum for the General Waste bin only. Surcharge of 12c per kg thereafter.

Pay By Weight

  • For those who recycle more and produce less general waste.
  • Pay a 6 month service charge, and pay for every kilo of waste collected in your general waste and organic waste* bins.
  • Recycling bin is free.
  • Prices valid to December 2019.

Pay By Lift

  • For those who only fill their bin occasionally or seasonally.
  • Pay a 6 month service charge and a lift charge for each bin collected.
  • Recycling, Organic* and Glass* bins are collected at significantly lower costs to your General Waste bin – the more you recycle, the more you save.
  • Prices valid to December 2019.


* Please note Organic and Glass bins are not available in all areas, by requesting a price in your area, you can find out which bins are available.