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Waste Collection Permits

Multi-Regional Waste Collection Permit Collection Permit
Appendix A Appendix A
Appendix B Appendix B
Appendix C Appendix C
Appendix D-E Appendix D-E

EPA Licensed Facilities

AES Navan (337kB)AES Navan_W0131-02
AES Nenagh (2MB)AES Nenagh_W0240-01
AES Tullamore (13MB)AES Tullamore_W0104-03
AES Portlaoise (401kB)AES Portlaoise_W0194_02
AES Rosslare (2MB)AES Wexford_W0229-01
AES Lusk (385kB)AES Lusk_W0222-01
Drehid Waste Facility (3MB)Drehid_W0201-03

 Accreditations and Awards

iso9001 ISO 9001 (2MB)AES_ISO 9001_Certs
iso14001 ISO 14001 (3MB)AES_ISO_14001_Certs
ohsas OHSAS 18001 (1MB)AES_OSHAS_Certs