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Epac – A New Innovation in Waste Management

Save money and space with our waste compactor that radically reduces your waste and saves you time, money, and space

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The Epac compactor system is a new innovation in waste management. It fits into a small space and is the clean and tidy solution.

This system is a cost-effective and economical solution, will reduce the customer’s carbon footprint and create a cleaner, smaller waste environment.

A complete breakaway from traditional methods of collection; creating a transformative impact in waste collection, particularly in urban and built-up areas.

Designed with the end user and safety in mind. As an automated operation, there are no buttons to press or complicated sequence to follow.

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Reduce your costs - Save space - Keep your waste space clean

Ease of Collections and Reduced Frequency

The innovative system dramatically reduces the time required for on-site collections. The large bag capacity allows for the reduction in the collections frequency. The bag system within Epac will enable you the capacity to cope with fluctuations in your waste demands. When the bag is full you will simply be able to change it without the need for waste contractor to be on site – endless capacity and no waiting.

Space Saving

One of the key advantages of the Epac system is it only requires the space of one car park space. The enclosed bag comes in two sizes; a two cubic metre bag which will store the equivalent of ten 1100 litre bins and a three cubic metre bag storing the equivalent of fifteen 1100 litre bins. This can result in overall cost savings.

Easy Installation and Usability

The Epac is very easy to install and is single-phase, which means they use the standard electricity supply. The power output used is less than what is required to power a hairdryer. This system cuts out the cost of expensive cabling and is a low energy requirement.

Cleaner Waste Environment

Epac uses specialist bags. These bags are designed to contain odours, removing the smell normally associated with bins and are also hydrophobic to prevent spillages. As the bag sits on a standard pallet it can easily be changed for a new bag with the use of a normal pallet truck. Each new bag is fresh and clean, and can be used with all types of domestic, recycling and light industrial waste.

State of the Art Technology

The Epac compactor can also be fitted with added technology features where required such as pay by weight capabilities, remote capacity monitoring, real time waste data and much more.

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For more information on the benefits of having an Epac compactor at your facility, please download our brochure.

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