Wheelie bins

We offer a range of wheelie bins appropriate to your waste needs. The standard sizes of bins provided are 140, 240, 660, 1100 (flat-top) and 1100 (roll-top) litres.

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AES provides a range of plastic bodied two & four wheeled containers designed for the fast and efficient removal of trade and recyclable waste. 

The 1100 litre four-wheeled plastic bin offers efficient collection of trade waste in larger volumes.  

Photo of a 4 wheel wheelie bin

AES operate in selected markets a bespoke "pay by weight" system for commercial customers. The system is essentially based around Radio-frequency identification  (RFID) tags on wheeled carts and on-board weighting cells on the collection vehicles that ensure weights are allocated against specific bins at specific locations.  

Photo of four wheeled bin with drop down frontBased on real-time interaction between RFID chips and a back-office SQL server-based application, data is transferred in real time via GPRS using onboard computers in the cabs of all equipped vehicles.  This ensures that accurate information is available to AES and our customers at all times.

Larger wheelie carts have a specialised breaking system and can be supplied with a drop down front, making it easier to remove waste by hand if required.

AES provides the appropriate labels for the various waste streams for all equipment supplied.

Colour coding for wheelie bins:

Bin colour Waste type
Green bin General waste
Blue bin Dry Mixed recycling 
Brown bin Composting
Metal cages Electronic electrical equipment

Click on the blue and brown bin to see what you can and cannot put in them.

 Green Bin - General Waste Blue Bin - Recycle Brown Bin - Organic

If you need more information or advice, email commercialenquiries@aesirl.ie - we'd love to hear from you!


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